FELIZ is back and better than ever in 2013!

This year’s pop-up sale will take place Sunday, November 3, 2013. We’re excited to announce that it will again be hosted at Austin’s beautiful event space The Palm Door.

The application fee is $15; applications will be accepted from June 1 – August 1, 2013. The selected vendors will be notified before September 1, 2013. Registration is now closed. 


The fine print:
A completed application, along with the $15  fee, submits you as a possible vendor for the 2013 FELIZ sale on Sunday, November 3, 2013 from 11am-6pm at the Palm Door in Austin, Texas.

Vendor space at the Palm Door is limited, allowing for a pop-up event that is intimate and unique; we will cap attendance at 25-30 vendors. We review every application, and make our choices based on the following criteria:
+ overall vision, aesthetic, and demographic of wares in line with FELIZ audience
+ overall cohesiveness of work and diversity of products
+ price point on target with our audience (under ~$250/piece).

The fee for having a booth at the FELIZ sale is $225. if you are selected as a vendor, the $15 application fee you already paid is credited toward your booth cost.

Vendors will each be provided with a table for displaying wares, a chair, and a neutral table covering. The venue will also be equipped with WiFi. Vendors are responsible for providing the wares to be sold (including any table displays) and accepting payments (acquiring change/cash, receipts, handling taxes, etc.).

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